Comunità Ambiente provides technical and scientific assistance in the development and monitoring of projects, produces studies in different areas related to biodiversity and ecosystem services (agriculture, fisheries, human health) for both local, regional and national authorities and for the European Commission.
The company has expertise in communication, dissemination and assistance in the provision of services.
By partnering with experts in graphics, the company is able to provide assistance in the preparation of publications, websites and promotional material.

Preparation and monitoring of projects on nature and biodiversity conservation

From 1994 to 2000 and from 2001 to 2005, as a member of the consortium Mecomat G.E.I.E, Comunità Ambiente has furnished technical and scientific support and assistance on tasks relating to the Financial Instrument for the Environment (LIFE) in Italy, Slovenia and Malta, monitoring about of 160 LIFE Nature projects.

The work included technical support in the evaluation of proposals and scientific/technical and financial support for the regular monitoring of project’s implementation. Regular reporting was provided to the Commission as well as specific evaluation of single reports, communications provided by the beneficiaries. Meetings with beneficiaries and on-field missions were a regular task of the team. Regular networking with the other external teams supporting the Commission on LIFE Nature and LIFE Environment was carried out through international meetings.

The experience gained over the years in the evaluation and monitoring of projects, combined with that gained in the field of the European and national funding for nature conservation, has allowed the staff to achieve a high degree of technical expertise in drafting and monitoring of European and national projects for the conservation of habitats and species of Community interest, as well as research projects in support of biodiversity.

National and international studies

In the framework of contracts with the EU Commission, the Italian Environment Ministry, and Regional and local public administrations, Comunità Ambiente has participated in scientific and technical surveys and studies. Among these the development of a common methodology to assess the impact of fishing in marine Natura 2000 sites, a study on good agricultural practices within the European ecological network, and the impacts and the economic costs of biodiversity change on human health, in particular in relation to the spread of vector borne diseases and the production of medicines, a series of management models of habitats and species that need a recurrent active management, guidelines for compensation measures according to art.6 of the Habitats directive, wildlife and sustainable agriculture in Natura 2000 sites, a survey on available funds for Natura 2000 in the next programming period, 2007-2013.


A simple but correct scientific dissemination represents the base of a good understanding of the environmental value of a specific territory. Among its activities Comunità Ambiente has produced press releases, informational and scientific publications for the Environment Directorate of the EU Commission, among which  “Sustanaible hunting in the Natura 2000 network”, “Alien species and nature conservation in the EU: The role of the LIFE program”, “The integrated management of Natura 2000 sites. The contribution of LIFE Nature projects”, “LIFE for birds. 25 years of the Birds Directive implementation through the LIFE Nature financial tool”, celebrating 25 years of the Birds Directive, “LIFE Nature projects 2005 compilation”. Comunità Ambiente has also participated to the production of the EU Commission ” Natura 2000 newsletter”. Among the publications for the  Italian Environment Ministry, Comunità Ambiente has produced a book on the contribution on the contribution of LIFE projects to the Italian Natura 2000 network, “Il bilancio di LIFE Natura in Italia. Indicazioni e prospettive per il futuro”.

Management plans of the Natura 2000 sites

According to Art.6 of the Habitats directive EU Member States should protect habitats and species within Natura 2000 through, if needed, management plans. National and local Italian administrations are collaborating in producing these plans, using different funds. Comunità Ambiente has provided assistance to the Rome and the Prato provinces for the preparation of Natura 2000 management plans and verified the correspondence of the plans to regional, national and EU legislation. The competence in this field has been acquired in assessing Natura 2000 management plans for the EU Commission and in monitoring the procedures of EU Member States for the approval of the plans.

Organization of workshops and meetings

Comunità Ambiente has organized for the European Commission several meetings, in collaboration with national authorities in Italy, Slovenia and Malta.

Technical and administrative management of European projects

Technical and financial monitoring of European projects

The experience gained over the years in the evaluation and monitoring of LIFE projects, combined with that gained in the field of the European funds, has allowed the staff to achieve a high degree of technical expertise in evaluative monitoring of projects cofounded by the EU, in addition to LIFE+ projects, such as Interreg and research projects (Horizon2020).

Monitoring activities are based on the Logical Framework methodology and on monitoring indicators accordingly identified.

Services offered include:

  • monitoring partners activities,
  • comparison of proposed objectives, results achieved and activities carried out,
  • comparison between the project chronogram and deadlines and the actual implementation,
  • milestone achievement and deliverable realization,
  • comparison between allocated budget and expenditure,
  • identification of possible difficulties or critical issues in the implementation of the activities and proposals for overcoming them,
  • possible improvements to the effectiveness of the project,
  • writing of monitoring reports.