European Commission, DG Environment

• Assessment of derogations report submitted by Member States in accordance to art. 16 of the Habitats Directive and art. 9 of the Birds Directive and support for european derogation report (
• Technical support for the identification of measures to be included in PAF (2012).
• Production of case studies of best practices of management of agricultural areas inside of Natura 2000 sites in Italy and Greece (2011-2012).
• Production of a scoping study to assess the need of a methodology to calculate the “limited extent” sensu art. 16.1 of the Habitats Directive (2011).
• Development of a methodology to evaluate the impact of fishery on marine Natura 2000 sites in the EU (2010-2012).
• Assessment of Birds Directive’s implementation report (art. 12) in seven Member States (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain) (2010).
• Support for the assessment of the implementation of art. 9.1c of the Birds Directive in France, Latvia, Austria, Finland, Spain (2010).
• Production and editing of a research study in the impacts of biodiversity changes on human health (2009-2010).
• Production of a report on the implementation of the Bern Convention (2008-2011).
• Technical support for the development of the IT system HaBiDes for the submission of reports (Habitats and Birds Directives and Bern Convention) (2008-2011).
• Production of management model for habitats of community interest useful for the production of management plan of Natura 2000 sites in the 27 Member States of the EU (2006-2008).
• Assessment of management plans of Natura 2000 sites and action plans for species and habitats of community interest (1994-2005).
• Monitoring and assessment of 160 projects on species and habitats included in the Habitats and Birds Directives and on Natura 2000 sites in Italy and Slovenia.
• Assessment of results, including through on site visits, of projects carried out in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Spain (1994-2005).
• Networking activities between the European Commission, the beneficiaries and local authorities, regional and national, NGO, institutions and stakeholders on Life Nature projects and on Natura 2000 Network (1994-2005).
• Meeting in Brussels for the coordination of actions with the DG Environment of the European Commission and for the start up of the Natura 2000 Network (1994-2005).
• Production of more than 1.500 reports for technical and financial assessment of projects (1994-2005).
• Technical and scientific support to the assessment of project proposals, based on the application of the logical framework (1994-2004).
• Representation of the European Commission in conferences, workshops and seminars to promote Life Natura and best practices for the management of Natura 2000 network (1994-2005).
• Publications:
o “Sustainable hunting in the Natura 2000 network” (2012)
o “Natura 2000 book” for the part related to Italy (2008)
o “Integrated management of Natura 2000 sites: the contribution of LIFE Nature projects“ on the management of naturalistic areas of the Natura 2000 network (2005);
o “Alien species and nature conservation in the EU: The role of the LIFE program”, on the nature conservation and alien species (2004);
o “LIFE for Birds, 25 years of the Birds Directive: the contribution of LIFE-Nature projects” on the European policy for the protection of birds (2004).
o ”Newsletter Natura 2000”, produced in 12 languages (1994-2005).
• Production of guidelines for the implementation of compensation measures, art. 6(4) of the Habitats Directive in Sites of Community Interest identified in 25 EU Member States (2005).
• Production of a study on the effects of agro-environmental measures on the conservation of species and habitats listed in the Habitats Directive in 25 EU Member States (2006-2008).
• Organization of a workshop on “Obligations of the Implementation of the Directive for the Urban Wastewater Treatment” attended by representatives at national, regional and local level (2005).

Ministry of the Environment, Nature Protection

• Technical support for the implementation of the new LIFE+ and for the new financial support mechanisms for the Natura 2000 Network (2005-2006).
• Production of a publication: “The contribution of LIFE Nature projects in Italy, indications and perspectives for future” (2006).
• Organization of a meeting “The contribution of LIFE Natura to the application of Habitats and Birds Directives and to the nature conservation in Italy” (2006).
• Revision of proposals submitted to the Life Natura funding (2005).

National Research Council – Life Science Department

Support in the transition and construction phases of the European research infrastructure LifeWatch (2011-2012)

Rome Province

• Technical and scientific support in the production of management plans of nine sites of community interest (2004).
• Monitoring of the LIFE+ Nature 2009 Ricopri “Recovery and conservation of dry grassland in south and central Italy” (from 2011).

Prato Province

• Information brochure on the project 2010.
• Studies on Birds (2009)
• Contribution to the production of the management plan of SIC and ZPS “Stagni della piana fiorentina e pratese” (2011).

TECLA Europa – Association of local entities dor the international cooperation

Monitoring of a LIFE+ project Providune “Conservation and recovery of dune habitats of sites in the Cagliari, Matera and Caserta Province” (from 2010).

Town of Florence

• Study “Nature and landscape” in the framework of the Structural Plan (2005-2006).
• Preliminary study for the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Structural Plan (2006-2007)

Terni Province

Production of a conservation project for the lacustrine network under Birds and Habitats Directives (2005)

Agroqualità – Rome

Study for an integrated approach for the certification and valorisation of local production systems (2004).

Ministry of agriculture and forestry